Religious liberty case against Obamacare

The case can be viewed here:

My personal opinion is that Obamacare, more accurately known as the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), does not harm Catholics’ religious freedom. Anyone who says otherwise is just looking for a fight. As a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s Law School, I’ve gone back to campus recently and noticed a definite lack of law enforcement officials, other than the ones that were directing traffic heading to and from the football stadium. There weren’t any police officers, FBI, NCIS or Health & Human Services agents stopping people from going to the basilica or from lighting candles and praying at the Grotto. No one from the White House had script approval over the priest’s sermon.

As the case says, most companies were created for the purpose of conducting commerce. As the old saying goes, the business of business is business and most companies’ business is not religious. Companies do not practice religion. One could examine the membership rolls and baptismal certificates of every Roman Catholic Church parish in the country without finding even a single corporation listed there. Only individuals, that is, real people, as opposed to corporations, actually practice religion. Not one company has ever gone to confession, received last rites or first communion.  Moses never said to pharaoh, “Let my closely-held limited liability company go!” That being the case, it is a great stretch for a company to say that its religious freedom has been violated by the ACA. More likely, the company owners just don’t want to have to pay for the cost of health care premiums, which is interesting but is neither a valid constitutional nor a valid religious objection.


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