Cleveland Indians’ attendance

Personally, I don’t need to see the  Cleveland media wringing its hands over the Indians’ low attendance and whining about the fans’ duty to support the team because there is no such duty. If attendance is low, it is the team’s ticket sales and promotion department’s fault. Instead of bitching at the fans, the team should be aggressively selling the great, exciting baseball the Indians are playing, manned by a bunch of guys who play hard and play well.
Heck, I’ve really enjoyed this season and just hope that it doesn’t end anytime soon. I’d really like a Cleveland v. Pittsburgh World Series. Actually I’d love a Cleveland vs anyone World Series!

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I'm a sports-loving Parrothead, socially moderate, fiscally conservative, semi-religious nerdish attorney. I watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Craig Ferguson, NCIS, C-SPAN, Cleveland Indians baseball, Notre Dame football and dvds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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